Create Your Internet of Teams with SUMMIT
Build Teams - Manage Data - Save Time

30% of every employee's time is spent looking for files and data due to the person-centric business methods that have moved from physical file cabinets, folders and mail to digital file directories, folders and email. This wasted time can be eliminated by moving business to a Team Centric approach where data is kept with a team and not personally clerked.

Using the Team Centric Summit portal companies can control their attribute space, easily find data, visually navigate teams and rapidly link human created digital data to IoT and internal databases. Summit was created through DARPA and Air Force research for the US defense Industry collaboration - we know how to scale and secure your data.

A company’s Summit footprint is shown as a galaxy because it has human structure built into it, teams are connected by humans to show team context and provide rapid human understanding. This team structure is spread out over an Attribute Space where things are found via attributes and team context. Summit has moved beyond the cloud, creating an Internet of Teams. The key features of Summit are:

  • Team Centric Approach - eliminates personal clerking of data, everyone on the team is automatically notified through team tool subscriptions and makes it easy to link teams together & show context
  • Graphical Team Navigation - enables big picture understanding and control of business data in real time
  • Attribute Control - enables any company to use the portal to collaborate and find any data quickly, can be linked to internal company databases, able to read current work excel files and pull row data into portal database
  • Easy to Use - no IT personnel required to set up or run, anyone can use the portal, works on any device with current browser, easy to use two factor authentication, easy to audit teams and data, every action logged
Build & Visualize Your Teams

Summit makes creating, managing and using teams easy. Internal and external collaborators can work together to build your products and services while capturing the big picture.

  • Navigate the teams, see the big picture
  • Manage global teams and commodities, eliminate delays in communication
  • Stop reinventing the wheel across divisions, get global buy-in through global discipline review
  • Improve the business, link teams to show context and get correlation across teams
  • Explore more, consider alternates quickly
  • Flexible team creation allows anyone to use Summit, built for any organization
  • Build on successful teams, use team tools and global review to improve business – profits
  • Manage and control your company data, eliminate person centric clerking and waste
  • Eliminate page fatigue and word salad confusion, simply navigate to teams to see the real time data and progress
Manage, Structure & Control Your Data

The Summit portal has been designed to be very flexible and easy to use. This enables rapid team creation, collaboration and control regardless of a company’s size or a person’s background. Summit has two dashboards, USER and TEAM, that allow each person to manage, structure and control their data in real-time.

From the USER Dashboard:

  • Manage teams and their relationship to other teams - focus on the big picture in real-time.
  • Jump into a team with one click in the Organize panel. Data is team-centric, only the team members can control and access the data.
  • Control team-to-team data collaboration with the Share panel
  • Search over your Attribute Space using the Discover panel. Filter attributes to find data. It's quick and easy for anyone to use.
  • Enabled users can work with the Moderator panel to grant access to the Summit community. Single Sign-On and other authentication methods are available.

From the TEAM Dashboard:

  • See all of each team’s data in one location - monitored and secured. The Team Profile contains business information and team context information.
  • Use the People panel to show who is on the team - understand the team at a glance.
  • Quickly review every team’s efforts and activities from the Timeline panel.
  • Navigate over a team's structure in real-time using the Team Graph panel
  • Jump directly into any of the collaboration tools in the Tool panel: Admin, Forum, Files, Pages, Issues, Data Set. The creator of the team is Admin and controls the tools and access to the team and its data.

The USER and TEAM dashboards allow for the rapid creation of internal and external teams, linking team data across the business as well as securing the information in the teams. The flexibility allows any company to quickly secure their business data in real time, linking in legal, marketing, engineering, design, manufacturing, test, etc in real time so people are providing their knowledge and guidance to the team and NOT clerking data.

Your Business Benefits

Teams using Summit save time, and this saves you money. Do not let your teams waste time searching for documents, data, or decision details.

With Summit, elimination of person-centric clerking of data and information could:

  • Save ~ 3.4 hours wasted a week searching and recreating work
  • Saves ~2 hours a day through streamlining team collaboration and communication, 10 hours a week savings.
  • Saving 13.4 hours a week by making it easy to FIND your data and KNOW what is going on.
  • Save big money. Conservatively eliminating just 10 hours a week of wasted time for 50 employees at $100/hour is a savings of $50,0000 a week - $2,600,000 a year

There are benefits beyond just saving time and money:

  • Access to all company data per role, removes personal hiding or lost data, audit work in real time (weeks of effort down to mouse clicks with appropriate role in Summit. ($ millions annually)
  • Link business activities to build on success, improve on processes and increase profits.
  • Read and delete emails, everything important is kept in the team.
  • Reduce errors, schedule and learning curve. Beat competition to the market and provide more products, information and data to the marketplace (market your community’s data via community attributes).
Security-First Approach

Summit technology was created for the defense sector through DARPA and Air Force Research Laboratories projects and is used in the Air Force supply chain for rapid, controlled, secure, ITAR Non-classified, collaboration across diverse teams. The Summit portal offers two factor authentication, and SSO integration for secure authentication management. We take securing your data seriously.

Our team works non-stop to make sure that only those team members you want have access to your data. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you secure your data.